Insidious Online


Hello Community! Welcome to Insidious Online! This is a brand new private server that plans to outshine every other server out there. With plenty of content available (a lot of it being customised to enhance your gaming experience), we can assure you that you will never be bored with what's on offer. Not only that, but there is still plenty more custom content on the way, meaning that there will be many things for you to collect on your journey, and of course making your experience as exciting as possible. The server is completely balanced when it comes to PvE & PvP, so there won't be any classes that clearly outshine the others.

The production system has been completely revamped to make it more user-friendly, with plenty of custom items to farm and make. The money system is stable and gradual, meaning that the economy will never get out of control, and rewards those who put in their effort. There are and will be plenty of farming locations to get whatever you need, but will also provide challenges so that it doesn't become repetitive and/or tedious.

What also makes this server unique is that instead of relying on the standardised settings of classes (which have made them incredibly unbalanced in the past), we are going to revamp and unleash the TRUE potential of each prestige class, so that every character gets the love and power that they deserve and have wanted for so long. As a result, that means every class will be getting brand new custom skills that will amaze you, and their current skills have been reworked to make ALL of the skills have a proper use in battle.